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Supply of 14C

About us

RC14 is an isotope producer that concentrates Carbon-14 (14C) from low specific 14C harvested from a nuclear waste produced by a CANDU nuclear reactor.

RC14 works in close collaboration with CCNuclear, which is responsible for harvesting Carbon-14 from a nuclear residue.

Stable supply of 14C has been a challenge over the last decades. The abundance of 14C in one of the residues produced from CANDU nuclear stations combined with the technology developed by CCNuclear and RC14 will provide the Isotope Community worldwide with a reliable and long-term supply of 14C isotopes.


CCNuclear will harvest the 14C from the already stored residue and RC14 will concentrate the 14C to be used by the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

During the last three years, RC14 and CCNuclear have been working on an innovative technology to harvest, concentrate and commercialize 14C isotopes.


Expected Production : 2024


Our Team

Stéphane Leduc, P. Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

Claude Lacroix, P. Eng.

Senior Nuclear Expert

Rémi Vachon, Chemist, MSc.

Project Manager, Nuclear Solutions

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